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Strings Magazine April 2018 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Contemporary Instruments & Bows Luthier Douglas Cox on the Process of Building a Quartet of Instruments Shop Visit with James McKean A Closer Look at the 3Dvarius Electric Violin Features & Departments: Gautier Capucon on his latest album “Intuition” American Masters Series: Augusta Read Thomas Schubert Arpeggione What’s in the Case: Francesca de Pasquale […]

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Drum Magazine April 2018 Issue Preview

Coming In The April 2018 Issue Of Drum **Special Rhythm Sections Issue** On the Cover: Jojo Mayer & John Davis Drumming virtuoso Mayer and bassist extraordinaire Davis are the driving forces behind Nerve, the shape-shifting improvisational band that incorporates rock, jazz, funk, house, and dubstep. Drum Magazine sat down with Nerve’s roguish rhythm section to discuss […]

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Classical Guitar Magazine Spring 2018 Issue Preview

***This issue will receive bonus distribution at ASTA!*** Special Focus: Arranging and Transcription Artful Arranging and Transcription: Thoughts from Manuel Barrueco, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Bill Kanengiser, and David Russell Assad on Arranging: An in-depth interview with Sérgio Assad Laurindo Almeida: Forgotten genius of guitar arrangement Momentito: Graham Wade on the history of a transcription and arrangement […]

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Acoustic Guitar Magazine April 2018 Issue Preview

***This issue will receive bonus distribution at Merlefest!*** On the Cover: Julian Lage: The guitarist and composer weighs in on the state of jazz guitar and the steel-string acoustic Special Focus: Jazz Guitar Then and Now An Intro to Jazz Vocabulary: Rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic ideas for non-jazz players A History of the Acoustic Guitar […]

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