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Ukulele Magazine Fall 2018 Issue Preview

On the Cover: Get Ready to Perform! From getting ready for your very first stage performance to veteran pros, everyone needs to know these essential points that run from preparing for a gig to managing stage fright.   Features and Departments: “Jumpin’ Jim” Beloff has helped to spread the word about the wonders of the […]

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Strings Magazine August 2018 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Adult Amateurs Guide to Learning as an Adult Community Orchestra Etiquette Features & Departments: 5 Minutes with violist Roberto Diaz Letter from India by Cassandra Sotos Bernstein Centennial Joshua Bell String Stars List Their Most-Beloved String-Related Memorabilia Chamber Music What’s in the Case: Elena Urioste Tales of the Trade: Despiau Bridges Your Instrument: Pegs […]

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Acoustic Guitar Magazine August 2018 Issue Preview

**This issue will receive bonus distribution at Summer NAMM** Special Focus: The Learning Issue—Seeing the Big Picture We delve into the skills acoustic guitarists should learn, but often neglect, in order to improve their musicianship on the whole—including how to find the right teacher, how to develop aural skills, and how specialized guitar notation works.   […]

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Strings Magazine July 2018 Issue Preview

**This Issue Will Receive Bonus Distribution at Summer NAMM and the Sweetwater GearFest** Special Focus: Buyer’s Guide An Auction Buying Guide A Bow Buying Guide Features & Departments: 5 Minutes with Laurie Niles Letter From India: by violinist Cassandra Sotos Lynn Harrell’s acting debut in ‘Cello’ Harlem Quartet Einstein’s Violin Tales of the Trade: Despiau […]

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